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Apple Bit's Porsche 924 site - Water Cooling System Find Parts For Your Porsche 944 And Get Your Car Back On The Road.
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DEVEK : Performance Products, Inc.
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Turner Motorsport, specializing in high performance parts & accessories for BMW & the New MINI at discount prices.
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Erhard BMW

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OZ 951 Modification Notes



Vents - adding performance with Bonnet vents.
AutoSpeed - Undertrays, Spoilers & Bonnet Vents, Part 1
AutoSpeed - Undertrays, Spoiler & Bonnet Vents, Part 2
AutoSpeed - Undertrays, Spoiler & Bonnet Vents, Part 3
ELEPHANT RACING Hood Vented Oil Cooler Project
The Mayfield Homepage - Coefficient of Drag for Selected Vehicles

Body & Paint :: View topic - paint q's


Veloce Publishing
Veloce Publishing
Veloce Publishing
Veloce Publishing
Veloce Publishing
Veloce Publishing


Selection and tuning of Weber DCOE Carburettors


Mechanical fuel injection - Bosch K-Jetronic, Bosch K Jetronic
Bosch Diagnostic and Tech References
wur rebuild thread
SJM Autotechnik, Audi Parts Specialist, 503-244-2834, Audi Quattro Parts, VW Parts, BMW Parts
SJM Autotechnik, Audi Parts Specialist, 503-244-2834, Audi Quattro Parts, VW Parts, BMW Parts
Untitled Document
Oxygen Sensor General Information, Testing, and Replacement :: View topic - Using a Dwell Meter for Fuel Mix :: View topic - Setting mixture - another method tried
Mechanical fuel injection - Bosch K-Jetronic, Bosch K Jetronic
Mechanical fuel injection - Bosch K-Jetronic, Bosch K Jetronic (Bosch K-Jetronic) with illustrations and photographs of all the components
Cleaning the CIS Airflow Sensor at Timbo’s VWC Technotes

Climate Control

GRIFFITHS, Air Conditioning Help Page
Danfoss Brushless DC Hermetic Compressors
DSpace@MIT : The design and control strategies for automotive air conditioning systems using motor driven, variable speed centrifugal compressors
Sanden (Sankyo) Compressors
Sanden USA: Welcome
Pulley size and RPM
Belt Length Calculator

Clutch & Transmission :: View topic - sachs clutch
Guard Transmission - Velocity
Alu torque tube!


Anodizing Aluminum
Welcome to Performance Coatings


LT1 Reverse Flow Cooling System
FLUIDYNE - High Performance - Radiators and Oil Coolers
MACS | Home

Dry Sump Systems
Technical Description - Dry Sump Systems
Installing an Oil Accumulator - 4-Wheel and Off-Road

EFI : How I did EFI on a 931 : EFI Bolt On Kit
1980 Volvo 242GT +Ti +MSnS +WB work in process
MegaSquirt piggyback
DIY Auto Tune
MegaSquirt - Electronic Fuel Injection Computer by Bowling & Grippo * *
Engine knock detection and indication for all vehicles
MegaSquirt-II Knock Sensing
Saab APC
Ignition timing 101 [Archive] - LS1TECH
EFI University Electronic Fuel Injection Tuning :: View topic - Timing on NA engines
EFI University Electronic Fuel Injection Tuning :: View topic - tuning timing correctly


Gallery :: Electrical Ground Points
Delco Alternator info for 924
Sean's Jaguar Tech Pages - A Solder Splicing Procedure

Engine Building : Engine Rebuild Tricks : How to rebuild an engine : Lessons Learned - Racecar Prep : Installing a 951 Radiator
How to Build Your First Engine
Vaughan Scott : Racecar Construction
Abrasive Flow Machining - Extrude Hone
SCC Project 200SX SE-R June '98
Engine Masters high performance engine builds
Puma Racing Main Menu Page - flow development, engine building, technical and tuning articles
Puma Race Engines - General Engine Tuning Guide - how much power you can get from different tuning modifications
Puma Race Engines Tuning Guide - Tuning Turbo Engines
Puma Race Engines Technical Guide - Compression Tests
Puma Race Engines Technical Article - Optimum exhaust valve size
Century Performance Center, Inc. :: Engine Balancing for Life, Power & Efficiency
BRECOflex CO., L.L.C
ELEPHANT RACING Tech Topic, HP vs Torque

Flow Bench



Selen Engineering - Franco Gear Reference
VWvortex Forums: 8v Automatic cam gear
Franco Industries: Manufacturing and Sales of Automotive Performance Products

Fuel Delivery : Fuel Pumps : Source for Pierburg fuel pumps
Fuel Cell Installation
Fuel Level Sender Cleaning
fuel cell install
AlumiWorx :: Quality Aluminum Products :: Fuel Tanks :: Float Pods :: CNC Signs - BUILD YOUR CUSTOM TANK (Powered by CubeCart)

Fuel Enrichment

Turbo and WOT injector
5th injector/water injection
930 Fuel Enrichment System
034 Motorsports Supplementary ECU
Fuel Pressure Regulator Installation Instructions
BEGi Performance Engineering. Fuel Pressure Regulator. Cartech Regulator, FMU
AutoSpeed - Frequency Switch, Part 1
AutoSpeed - Powering Up the Pressure Switch
AutoSpeed - Electronic Fuel Pressure Increase


AutoSpeed - Breathing Deeply
AutoSpeed - Siting Cold Air Intakes
AutoSpeed - Eliminating Negative Boost - Part 1
Bufkin Engineering : Intake Manifolds
Intake Manifold Designs

Intercooling : Mounting Intercooler : Removing 931 nose panel / 951 IC install
AutoSpeed - The Patent Files: Refrigerated Intercooling
AutoSpeed - Cooler Flows
AutoSpeed - The Complete Guide to Intercooling - Part 1
LINDSEY RACING - Your Porsche Performance Parts Center: INTERCOOLER INSTALL
Halfbakery: air conditioned intercooler
SVT's SuperCooler Technology explained - Ford Forums - Mustang Forum, Ford Trucks and Cars
COOLER ideas
Understanding Intercooler Efficiency and Pressure Loss [Archive] - bimmerfest - BMW Forums
Patents: intercool* air condition*
Progress on Brent's Intercooler

Oil Squirters

S14 Oil Squirters
oil squirters volvo
Oil Squirters
Magnus Motorsports
Oil Squirters

Paint & Body

50 Dollar Paint
Porsche 911 Colour / Color codes 1971, 1972 and 1973
Using body filler, by Reed Overson

Performance Upgrades : Engine Mount Upgrade Vibratech : Fast as a '44 for under $800
DIY - Basic Cylinder Head Porting
Porsche 924 Supercharger Installation


How to Photograph Motor Racing - wikiHow
How to photograph cars - 3SI Wiki
Photograph Your Car - How To - Mopar Muscle Magazine
Cool Cars: How to Photograph Car Shows But, for my ongoing project, I'm avoiding the big views - for example, no “this is what a 19XX Blankety-Blank Model Z looks like” pictures. Instead, I'm working on a smaller canvas ... by zeroing in on bold colors, sensuous curves, cool lines, shiny chrome and mirrored reflections.
How to Photograph Cars.pdf (application/pdf Object)
How To Photograph Cars on Squidoo
Photographing Classic Cars: Tips to getting the best pictures of your vintage sports car or antique collector car
Tips on how to photograph your car....
How To Get Your Car in PHR - Popular Hot Rodding Magazine
Automobile/Motorcar Photography Tips by Curt Scott
Lighting Mods: How to photograph a "fast car" in motion
AIRC - Adorama Imaging Resource Center: The Wider View
How I Photograph Cars, Dusk at Laguna Seca
Vivid Light Photography Online
YouTube - Advice: How to Photograph Your Car
Taking Car Photos & Pictures - How To - Mopar Muscle Magazine

Porsche-specific : Oil pressure spring fix WOW!!!! : Ignition Timing
924 Hot Start Problem Fix
924: Haynes: Supplement: Revisions and information on later models
924 Enhancement Articles
Galleries of 924s
924 CARRERA GTR manual
Porsche 924 944 968 Index
930 3LDZ info (pdf)
Repair Parts Listing
Tech Articles
Jon Mitchell's Garage - Independent Porsche Specialists

Power Steering

Toyota MR2 Power Steering System
Uni series controllers
Remanufactured Electric Power Steering and Electric Hydraulic Power Steering
Installing the Electro-Hydraulic Power Steering System JeepEV - Jeep Cherokee EV conversion
Selecting a Power Steering System
AutoSpeed - Modifying Electric Power Steering
dc electronics - epas
Darksidecrew :: View topic - Conversion electric PS (nice !) Road Racing/Autocross: Special Projects - Electro Power Steer
Toyota MR2 Power Steering System
Proposed 1988 Fiero Electro-Hydraulic Power Steering
Porsche 944 / 928 Power Steering Rebuild Kits - Rennbay - Porsche 944 ball joints, power steering, brakes, odometer gears & accessories
Power Steering Rack Rebuild
Power Steering pump rebuild DIY - Rennlist Discussion Forums
Teflon Hose Assemblies 2 hose assemblies lined with Teflon® at competitive prices. All fuels compatible, these assemblies are availble with a wide variety of fittings.
LEESON Electric Corporation -

Suspension, Wheels & Tires

924 944 968 General Suspension Prep
Torsion Bars - Removing, Replacing, and Indexing
Torsion Bar Replacement for the 944
Wheel Technical Information
Allied Racing Wheels - Measuring Offset
968 Front Sway Bar on 924
ELEPHANT RACING Spring Plate bushing replacement project, 944 Series

Turbo & Boost

APC System
Porsche 924 Turbo Tuning Guide
Turbo and Supercharger Maps
Turbocharger application guide - Wikicars :: View topic - Boost Controller
Water-Cooled Turbo Plumbing How-To (google-translated to English) :: View topic - All the KKK / K26 info you ever wanted to know
931 Turbo Diagram & Parts List
Electric Oil Feed and Scavenge Pumps
Download Catalog from Turbo International


Vacuum Gauge troubleshooting
Tech Tip: Building and Using a Leakdown Tester

Suppliers Auto Parts Market

Body & Trim

Body Kits

American International Racing
GT Racing Product Listing

Paint & Graphics

Clear Mask , Automotive Paint Protection Film
Paint Protection for your vehicle. Also known as Invisible Bra.
Porsche Decals
Porsche Decals, Porsche Decal, Insignia, Banners and Porsche Stickers
STICKERCITY.COM :: Racing Stripes :: Universal Racing Stripes
Martin-Senour Home Page
Must for Rust Remover & Inhibitor
Home Page
Ferri Design (H)
924 Custom Vinyl Lettering Graphics Stickers Full Color Prints and Racing Stripes

Interior Accessories

Dash Top / Bottom Pods: Custom Consoles - - VDO, Auto Meter, Isspro and Classic Instruments Gauges
Racing Seats, Corbeau Seats, Magnecor Wires, Brake Bleeders, Fire Suppression Systems, Racing Gear
Welcome to Solotime - Autocross Accessories // Lotek Inc.
Steering Wheels & Acc. - Quick Release Hub - NETAMI Steering Wheel Quick Release Hub - Polished Silver
Steering Wheels & Acc. - Hub Adapter - Porsche - MOMO Hub Adapter #8010
Porsche Interiors Main Page
Welcome to Goodspeed Motoring Online

Exterior Accessories

Jon's Brake Ducts
NACA Ducts
Protocast - Clearer by Design
Rennline Inc Home
Rhino Linings
Shaved Door Handle Kits - Shaved Door Kits and Accessories from AutoLoc and Automega
Shaved Door Handle Kits & Door Poppers. Add Shaved Handles to your Vehicle
Shaved Door Handles, Shaved Door Handle Kits & Door Poppers
8 Channel 35LBS Shaved Door Kit - SVPRO3
Pegasus -Vitaloni Californian Mirror - Left Side
Exterior Acc. & Body - Hood Pin/Lock - Hayame Aluminum Hood Pins - Titanium Silver
AeroCatch - Automotive
Deutsch Nine – Porsche 968, 944 S2, 944 Turbo (951/952) & 924 Aftermarket Performance Parts - Protective Films

303 Products - Aerospace Protectant, High Tech Fabric Guard - World's Leading Automotive Care Products


APEXi Auto Turbo Timers - Turbo Timers, Forced Induction, Performance and Body Kits, Ground Effects and Aftermarket Performance Parts for Import and Domestic Sport Compact Cars
BLITZ DTT (Dual Turbo Timer) DCII
Blitz Dual Turbo Timer DC II
Blitz Performance Sales
e-RAM Electric Supercharger, from e-Racing Motorsorts
Greddy Full Auto Turbo Timer - Turbo Timers - Lowest Prices!
Hardline Turbo repair
Overboost Store - Engine Management, Turbo Timers, RC Engineering, Innovative, TurboSmart, HKS, Skunk2, Golden Eagle, Holley, AEM, A'PEXi, Greddy, Blitz, MSD, PIT, DRAG
Spooled Motorsports /
thomas knight : turbo upgrades + superchargers
Turbo Delays by REDARC
Turbochargers and turbos by Michigan Turbo
VECCO High Performance Engineering Corp.
Blowers - Plumbing/Ventilation
HTR Low Cost All Polypropylene Flexible Hose - US Plastic Corporation
KKK Rebuild Kits
JRP - Induction
Pre-luber Engine Products Silicone Hose Specialists
Pure Silicone Vacuum Hose : LLC - America's Source for High quality turbo boost controllers and performance products - 877-836-6155- precision boost control - manual boost controllers, electronic boost controllers, wideband tuning
Air to Water Intercoolers at FROZENBOOST.COM
Toucan Ractive SF1006 Cold Air Intake, 1999-2002 Ford Focus
MajesticTurboCharger ~ New and Remanufactored Turbos
Majestic Turbochargers, Inc. Home Page
Blaylock Turbochargers - Turbocharger Part, Diesel Turbo Part, Remanufactured Turbo, Turbo Diesel, Cummins Turbo Diesel, Cummins Turbo, Dodge Cummins Turbo, Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel, 6.5 Turbo Diesel, Turbo Performance, Turbo Diesel Performance, Diesel Engine Turbo, Cat Turbo, Caterpillar Turbos, Caterpillar Turbochargers, Detroit Diesel Turbo, Diesel Turbochargers
Coolingmist water methanol injection systems
RB Racing RSR Part Numbers

Car Stereo

car stereo shopping at CarDomain
Online Car Stereo
Amplified Antenna
Midwest Electronics - Blaupunkt Sales and Service

Climate Control

CFC Refimax - Everything you need to keep things cool
Porsche air conditioning, Porsche Compressor, Porsche Condenser, Porsche Drier, Porsche Evaporator, Porsche Expansion Valve, Behr, Bosch, Nippondenso, Kuehl, Seltec, Sanden, seal, R134a conversion, R134a upgrade, barrier hose, R134a, R12, 911, 912, 914, 924, 928, 944, 951, 964, 968, 993, 996, C2, C4 ,turbo
924s 944 951 968 : Griffiths Technical Inc., Audi, BMW, Porsche, power steering rack and pinion, power steering pumps, automotive parts, auto parts, air conditioning, Griffiths Technical Inc.
Porsche 944 air conditioning parts, Behr, Bosch, Nippondenso, Kuehl, Seltec, Sanden, seal, convert, conversion, barrier hose, Porsche compressor, Porsche condensor, condenser, receiver drier, evaporator, expansion valve, upgrade, R134a,R12,911,912,914, 924,951,968,turbo
Vintage Air - Inventors of Performance Air Conditioning -
Electronic Heater Valve
1980 Porsche 924 A/C Compressor from DiscountAcParts Parts Search
Don't just cool it, Perma-COOL it!
Automotive Air Conditioning AC Parts Auto A/C Compressors Information
Automotive Air Conditioning Parts & Equipment - ACKITS.COM: Seltec Universal Compressor (O-ring Fittings)
AIRPRO - Welcome to AIRPRO Online
A/C Compressor and A C Compressor from AC Parts
Red Dot Corporation
Automotive Air Conditioning Parts and Systems

Clutch & Trans

Clutch Masters- Your High Performance Specialists
Phantom Grip of Florida - Get A Grip!
Porsche 924 Clutch Kits
Welcome to Quaife America
Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel Porsche 924 Turbo 1980-1982 2.0L (7.5 lbs) :: Flywheel :: Clutches/Driveline :: UltraRev, Inc.
Clutchnet Manufacturing USA


Flexible Reservoir Bag Electric Windshield Washer : JC Whitney, Parts and Accessories
Davies Craig - Home
Davies Craig EWP Electric Water Pumps
Ron Davis Custom Aluminum Radiator Page
FLUIDYNE - High Performance - Radiators and Oil Coolers
Griffin Radiators™
Radiators - Aluminum Racing Radiators
Evans Cooling Systems, Inc. High Performance Engine Cooling and Power Production.
Cool Flex is the Radiator Hose that flows
***** : : C&R RACING : : *****
Meziere Enterprises
Mr. Gasket Electric Water Pump Drive Kit - JEGS

Dry Sump Systems

Mangus Precision Pumps - dry sump oil pump manufacturer
Peterson Fluid Systems
Plueger Dry/Wet Sump Oil System
Race Dry Sump Oil System
Pegasus - Oiling Systems
Razor Performance - Main
Accusump by Canton Racing Products
Canton Accusump Oil Accumulator
Moroso : Category Display
Armstrong Race Engine Systems - Cast Aluminum And Magnesium Components For Professional Racing
Racing Vacuum Pumps
Pace Products | Products
Pace Products | Home
Welcome to Stef's Performance
Setrab 100 Series Racing Air-Cooled Oil Coolers


DTAfast S 60 PRO ECU


Delco-Remy Alternator
Gear reduction Starter Free Shipping MG Triumph Jaguar Austin Healey Range Land Rover
Jaycar Electronics
SPAL USA - The Industry Leader in High-Performance Automotive Parts and Accessories
Odyssey Batteries | Technical data
Dry Cell Batteries
Batteries - Braille Lightweight Racing Battery (Standard Case) 15 lbs.
Braille Auto
Odyssey Drycell Car Batteries
Pegasus -All Racing Batteries
Buddy Club Racing Small Light-Weight Dry Cell Battery
Rock Racing Batteries - The Best Car Battery - 16 volt & 12 volt Batteries
Total Power Racing Batteries
Wiring Harness Hot Rod Wires street rod wiring harness classic car truck harnesses 12 Circuit
Wiring Harness Here! A Painless Solution!
Northern Auto Parts: - Painless Race Car Wiring Harnesses
QuickCar Custom Ignition Systems
Painless 50101 Race Car Fuse Block12 Circuit
Wiring Harness Hot Rod Wires street rod wiring harness classic car truck harnesses 12 Circuit
DC Motors - 26 Series - Bison Gear & Engineering Corp. // Redefining Robusticity™ for Over 40 Years - Gearmotors, Gear Motors, Gear Reducers, DC Motors, PMDC Motors
Fasco 3.0 Diameter DC Motors

Engine Building Performance Cars and Parts
Bomz Racing Inc.
Crankshaft - "Quality Before Quantity"
Diamond Pistons
EBS Racing
Franco Industries: Manufacturing and Sales of Automotive Performance Products
Heritage Motorcar Research Inc. Online Catalog
Ishihara-Johnson Crank Scrapers
Lindsey Racing: CROSS MEMBER 3 PC.
Oliver Racing Parts
Pauter Rods for Porsche - Your Source for Automotive Performance, Parts, & Accessories
Racer Parts Wholesale - Racing Parts And Accessories
Racer's Edge Racing Components
Silicone Vacuum Hose And Engine Compartment Dress Up Hose
Summit Racing - High Performance Auto and Truck Parts
Techtonics Tuning - Adj Cam Gear
Vibra-Technics Compliance Technology
Web Cam Inc - Performance and Racing Camshafts
Import Performance Parts - Import Performance Engine & Racing Parts
SCE Gaskets Incorporated - A Stronger Seal
Standard Abrasives Motor Sports
European Motorworks | Parts for Type 4 Engines and other VW Parts
Jon Milledge Engineering
Techtonics Tuning - Watercooled VW and Audi Performance Parts - Exhaust
Lubbock Gasket and Supply manufactures asbestos and copper head gaskets
BoneHead Performance- Extrude Hone
Parts Processing Price List - Extrude Hone Powerflow
Piston Oil Squirter(17.002)
Jones Technical Group Chassis Dynamometer
Cam Followers by Arrow Precision
Titanium Performance
Auto Parts Train - Shopping Cart
Baker Precision - Buy Racecar parts and supplies online - including Earl's, Speedflow and Aeroquip Hose and Fittings, Aurora, NHBB and FK Rod Ends, Neo Synthetic Oil, Setrab Oil Coolers, Fire Systems, Fuel Cel
TWM Induction - Throttle Bodies (805) 967-9478
Outlaw Engineering


Road race headers
Schoenfeld Headers - Extensions
LM-1 Wideband O2 Digital Air/fuel Ratio Meter
PLX Devices Wideband O2 Sensors
Wide Band Air Fuel Ratio Meter
Exhaust Warehouse - Converters Express
Caswell Inc. - High Temp Ceramic Coatings

Fuel Delivery

Shokan e-Store
Zim's Autotechnik Pierburg Fuel Pump, 911 77-80
Parts Bin - Auto Parts and Accessories Catalog - Fuel - 1980 Porsche 924 Fuel Pump
Vortech Engineering: Viewing product: Fuel Management Unit

Fuel Injection

DeLorean parts, Delorean fuel distributor, CIS fuel injection Parts, Delorean parts, Porsche Mercedes
Porsche Parts-Special T,Porsche CIS fuel injection parts, fuel distributors, warm up regulators-
BMW & Porsche Auto Parts from VertexAuto
SAP USA Truck Parts - Air Brakes Fuel Pump Hydraulic Clutch
DeLorean parts, Delorean fuel distributor, CIS fuel injection Parts, Delorean parts, Porsche Mercedes
Bitz Racing
EFI Main Page
MegaSquirt EFI :: Index
Welcome to Boost Engineering
Simple Digital Systems EM-4
Fuel Injection and Engine Managamenet ECUs
MegaJolt Lite Jr. - A DIY Programmable EDIS Ignition Controller - Users Welcome! - Autosport Labs
Simple Digital Systems EM-4
CB Performance Products, Inc. sells cylinder heads, dune buggy parts, dropped spindles, disc brake kits, turbos, fuel injection, turnkeys, fuel injection and engine kits
UnwiredTools UTCIS™
Rising Rate FPR by Cartech
WitchHunter Performance - Injector Cleaning & Flow Testing Services


MMS & Accessories, Inc. - Distributor of Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners and Parts
Bolt Depot - Nuts and Bolts, Screws and Fasteners online
Titanium Fasteners -
BMW Parts Catalog - BMW 5-series 82-03 - E34 5-Series 89-96 - Exhaust - Copper Nut for Exhaust Manifold 8mm
++ TIME-SERT Threaded inserts for stripped threads, threaded inserts, thread repair , stripped sparkplug's, Ford sparkplug blowouts, threaded inserts threaded, repair stripped threads, stripped threads, inserts threaded inserts, Ford spark plug repair, Blownout spark plugs, fulltorque, blownoutsparkplugs.


Welcome to MSD Ignition
Motor Meister - Porsche Engine Rebuilder


Thermal Hard Pipe - Lindsey Racing: <h5>THP STORE</h5>
PWR Performance Products
Spearco Intercooler Sales - TurboCalculator
IceVex : Performance Racing Intercoolers
Bell Intercoolers Liquid to Air Intercooler Assemblies
Turbo Inter-cooling/Charge-cooling: Intercoolers, water/nitrous injection, charge coolers N20, Nos, etc. From £400; water to air intercoolers, air to water intercoolers, broken pistons and detonation, water injection for superchargers, engine water injection systems, aftermarket turbo and intercoolers
3" Polished Aluminum 90 Degree Bend 2-3/8" Legs
RRE Mandrel Bent Exhaust Bends and Intercooler Bends
Polished Aluminum Tubing with 90-degree mandrel bend : LLC - America's Source for High quality turbo boost controllers and performance products - 877-836-6155- precision boost control - manual boost controllers, electronic boost controllers, wideband tuning
Just - Intercoolers, Intercooler Kits - Intercooler Piping - Nissan Skyline, Nissan 200SX, Nissan Silvia, EVO, Subaru WRX
Intercoolers / Blow Offs - Cusco Universal Intercooler Water Spray Controller
Universal Aluminum Intercooler 3.5"x9"x21" Center 2.5" Inlets $429.00
Vibrant Universal Intercooler with End Tanks - | Wholesale Performance Autoparts - Turbo Parts - Suspension Parts - Engine Parts - Wholesale Autoparts Club
HKS USA Intercooler Core (more)
Intercoolers: Treadstone Intercoolers - TREADSTONE PERFORMANCE
Custom Intercooler Cores and Fabrication, High Performance Hose Adapters and Fittings
Snow Performance: Home
Intercoolers, Cores & Castings
RRE Intercoolers and Parts


SUPER BRIGHT LEDS home, clear turnsignals, rearlights, sidemarkers, Porsche, 924,931,944,951,928
! Hella 90mm Head Light Modules
Led Lights, 4 in. Grommet Mount
LED Truck Lights
About Protocast
Driving & Fog Lights by Pilot - Ultimate Auto Accessories
Pilot Driving Light w/ Indigo Blue Lens (HID White)
Hella 50mm Headlamp Modules
Nagisa Auto - NAMS - LED Tail Light - Nengun Performance
Uras - Tail Lights - Nengun Performance
Nissan Skyline R32 LED Lexus Lights :: Essex Racing: car accessories, tuning, parts, styling
PIAA Lights, PIAA 004XT Xtreme White Driving Lights

OEM Porsche

Auto Parts World
Automobile Atlanta - Your Source for all models of Porsche
Discount Auto Parts - Discount Auto Accessories -
Pelican Parts
Performance Products - Your best source of parts and accessories for your Porsche car - Mercedes - Toyota - Jeep - Chevrolet - GMC - Ford Truck and SUV and more.
Porsche Replacement Parts, Aftermarket Accessories, Restoration, Repair Tools, Engine Performance
Porsche? Parts and Accessories by Mid America Motorworks, 800.500.1500
Welcome to Bow-Wow Auto Parts Your Place For Porsche 944 Parts.
All European
NAPA Auto Parts
Auto Parts and Accessories Catalog - 1981 Porsche 924
Porsche 944 Racing parts and accessories, offering MSDS exhaust, K&N air filters, Sparco racing seats, harnesses, tools and more


Motion Software Home Page

Suspension, Tires & Wheels Shocks and Struts: 924
Ground Control Coilovers: No Limit Motorsport
Ground Control Suspension Systems
Kodiak Racing Wheels - Custom car wheels and lightweight performance rims [prices]
Paragon Products - Porsche Parts & Accessories - Koni, Sparco, Pagid, K&N, Bilstein, Weltmeister
Porsche Wheels, Tires and Accessories : Home - Rennbay - Porsche 944 ball joints, power steering, brakes, odometer gears & accessories
Vulcan Tire Sales - Tires, Tire Chains and More... Falken - Goodyear - Pirelli - Roadmaster - Avon ... Everything you need to MAKE IT FAST!
Yokohama - Understanding Your Tires
Exel Wheels
LEDA - the home of low tire prices for cars, 4x4's and vans
Welcome to Energy Suspension!
Tire Power Tire Softener
Porsche 924 Coil Overs - Buy 924 Coil Overs
Steering Racks manufactured for VW by QUAIFE - Quaife Engineering
Alloy Wheels from Race and Road Ltd. High Quality Alloy Wheels and Tyres. UK Borbet & Ronal Alloy Wheel Distributors. Buy Alloy Wheels , High Quality Alloy Wheels , Polished Alloy Wheels , Alloy Wheels UK , Alloy Wheel Online , Cheap Alloy Wheels, BMW Alloy Wheels.
Ground Control Suspension Systems
Eastwood Company: Auto Tools, Body Repair, Classic Car Restoration, House of Kolor Paint, Powder Coating
Centerline Wheels
Real Pro 6 Road Race Series 15 Inch Aluminum Wheels
Panasport Racing High Performance Wheels, Street, motorsport style, high performance, lightweight, economical, one piece cast, modular, aluminum alloy, heat-treated, reliable, brake cooling, low unsprung weight and rotating mass, precision machined, custom offsets, road race, rally, autocross, vintage
Rims & Tires, Chrome Rims, Car Rims, Truck Rims, Staggered Wheels, Axis Wheels, Tenzo R Wheels, Volk Racing Wheels, Chrome 22 inch Rims, Ray's Engineering, 20 inch chrome rims, Scion tC Wheels, Nissan 350Z Wheels, Racing Wheels, Scion xB Wheels, VIP Style Wheels, Chrome Rims and Tires Packages
Image Wheels Ltd manufactures three piece wheels, also know as split rim wheels in high grade aluminium. We supply O.E, kit cars, race cars, dragsters, trikes, motorcycles, off road 4 X 4 vehicles, road cars etc. We export world wide and can make wheels to customers own drawings if required
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